It has been 6 years since I started wearing spectacles. I changed my look each time I got a new prescription. It is due for my eye check-up and I am sure I will get a new prescription. That means a new spectacle!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

I do not use spectacles the entire day if I am at home. I use it when I check my phone or watch tv or go out to the balcony or out for a walk.

I keep searching for my spectacle very often. When I do not need it or it’s becoming an obstacle for my task I keep it here and there, everywhere and anywhere. Even in the laundry basket!! Sometimes I wish I could give it a call and it would ring! It would have been a lot easier to search.

My husband says to always keep it in one place. It will be easier for me instead of searching for it every time. I know, it is easier. But I say it is not feasible for me! I go to wash my face and I realize I did not take out the spectacle. I go to take a shower and it’s there on my face. I go to get ready and change clothes it’s there on my face. My point is I need to take it out in many situations and I can not go back and keep it in the same place every time I take it out.

Woman(me) wearing spectacle

But now I am trying to keep it in the same place whenever possible. I should say it has reduced my search time a lot. Also, it is helping to me get ready fast whenever I go out.

Do you need to search for your spectacle most of the time like me!? What solutions do you have? I would love to hear in the comments below.

What do I pack while going out with my toddler

Getting ready to go out to spend some time in the park or shopping takes time when you have a toddler. You have to be ready for all situations and think of many possibilities. Lots of things to pack. I was always slow in getting ready and now that I am a mom it’s even slower πŸ˜€.

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Here are some main things I pack every time I got out with my toddler.

  • Diaper
  • Wet wipes

The above two are obvious but very important things to pack. Also, I have a changing mat that is attached to the diaper bag.

  • Some water in his sippy bottle
  • Some milk in his feeding bottle
  • Snacks

We can’t say when the baby might feel hungry when we are out or when they get bored and cranky. It is always good to have some food. Also hydrating regularly is very important because we get dehydrated very soon while outside.

  • Change of clothes

At least one set of clothes is necessary. There may be some spills or the baby may want to play in the water! There are lakes and rivers nearby where I live and grocery shopping may turn into a picnic on the riverside if time permits! So better to be prepared.

  • Toys
  • Face towel
  • Penlight

Toys are for distraction when my baby doesn’t want to sit in the car seat. But it is not always enough! I play his favorite songs on the phone and I also sing along and play peekaboo with him if he is getting bored.

Mom and baby lying on her tummy on a playmat. The playmat is on the grass with a diaper bag by the side.
Playtime in park

These are the main things I pack in the diaper bag. The penlight is an extra thing I carry just in case! What else do you pack in your diaper bag?

Do you have any advice/suggestions for a long journey with a toddler?


When I was little, I used to collect as many wildflowers as possible from our front yard and then count how many varieties I got. It was a lot of fun. There were some tiny flowers and some bunches and a few big ones too. Flowers are lovely and bring happiness.

My love for flowers has been there for a long time. Now I just look at them. I would love to pick them and bring them home. But the flowers will dry soon once I cut them and then I just have to throw them away!. Instead, I take pictures of them to bring them home with me and the happy memory can be with me forever if my phone does not crash which may happen anytime soon by the way I use it I think!

Flower photography

I could not resist and picked some of these white wildflowers

I take pictures whenever I go out on a trip or a walk or shopping or anytime I go out. All these pictures are taken with my phone. I hope you like them.

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Flower art

I also paint flowers, draw flowers and decorate my home with flowers. I can’t get enough of them, so I browse Instagram for more flower pictures.

Acrylic painting on paper.
Tulip – graphite drawing
Acrylic painting on paper
Digital art done on my phone. I used adobe sketch app for this.
A sketch of rose in graphite pencil.

If you like my art check my art blog

Flower home decor

I have some flowers for home decorations too. I recently bought two of these(in photos) from 99 cents store.

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Flowers make me smile and they make me happy. So I try to keep them around. Or go out to see some. When I go for a walk my eyes look for flowers. If I see one I smile.

Which one is your favorite from the above pictures? Do you love flowers like me? What do you do with flowers – take pictures or paint or draw or decorate or look at them and smile.

If you like this post give it a like and share it with flower lovers. If you like my photography follow my Instagram.

Without water

Yesterday there was water shut off for some maintenance purpose. We were unprepared even though the management sent out a notification. There is a reason for that. This water shut-off thing has been going on for a few days now.

Photo from pexel

We used to receive printed notifications stuck to our front door saying there will be temporary water shut off. Shut-off was happening for a few minutes and we were never affected by that. Wednesday when we received one more such notification we thought it would be similar maintenance.

But yesterday morning suddenly there was no water supply! Then I went and read the notification once again and it was mentioned that there will be no water supply till 2 pm. This is the first time the management mentioned the time duration and we missed noticing it!

I always made sure to brush my son’s teeth every day even though he has only 4 of them. But yesterday we ate cereal without brushing! Yuck… I know! But how long one can stay hungry!

Thankfully I had all the dishes cleaned the previous day night itself. I used our drinking water for some cooking. A few months ago we switched from filtered water to bottled water for drinking and we had a 5 gallons bottle filled the previous day, luckily. Baby wipes came in handy too in this situation.

Photo from pexel

At 2 pm exact the water supply started again and it was a happy moment for us all. We learned that we should read all the notifications very carefully going forward.

Photo from pexel

5 hours without water was very difficult to manage. Every drop counts when we have a limited supply.

Have you been in such a situation? Spending even a few hours without water is difficult isn’t it!?

Save water.

Why you should decorate your home

When we live in a place away from home for a job or our education or any other reason we tend to live in a rented house. We furnish it with what is needed and make it cozy.

When it comes to a rented house we try to minimize household items. Mainly because you may be moving very often or due to limited space. This applies to decorative items too. But I think having some decorative items, that you like, around the house will be very nice. This gives a personal touch and makes you feel at home.

Vase with flowers, photo from pexel

Empty walls and shelves are kinda boring when you are home always. We recently moved into a new apartment and I bought some artificial flowers and photo frames to add some personal touch. It would be nice to have some real flowers but they won’t last forever. Buying flowers, again and again, will be so expensive, and artificial flowers that look a little realistic will do just fine when it comes to budget. Also, You can find some nice ones in 99 cents store or dollar tree for just a dollar!

Photo from pexel

Make sure you are not spending too much if you are on a budget. Also do not avoid decorating completely. Some family pictures and flowers are my favorites when it comes to home decor. I got photos printed for free for Amazon prime day! So keep a lookout for offers to save some bucks on this. DIY home decor is another option to have a personal touch and save money.

Keep decors that bring you joy around the house to add a little happiness.

The featured photo is from pixabay.

Do you like decorating your home? Do you buy or DIY decors?


You feel happy when something happens the way you want. You feel happy when someone surprises you with something special. You feel happy when something you have been waiting for long happens.

There is a lot of things that can make you happy. Do what makes you happy. Recognize the little things that made you happy and be thankful.

Photo by Julia Avamotive from Pexels

A Lot of things made me happy last month that I would like to share.

Our son started walking

Our little baby, Adithya started walking without support. He can not reach where he wants to go but he sure tries again and again. It is so joyful to watch him walk.

I started sketching again

I am so happy that I am able to give a little time to my art. You can check my latest drawings here.

Watermelon in graphite pencil

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Surprise buy

I recently broke some of our forks trying to mash some fruits! So my husband bought two sets of forks. He sure mentioned he would get some forks during the grocery shopping. But, he got floral printed ones! He told, he thought that it would make me happy. He sure got that right! I was so excited to see the floral prints. I love flowers, they bring a smile to my face every time!

Forks- Floral prints on porcelain handle- isn’t this beautiful!?

Quick visit to fair oaks bridge

We had planned something different but when we reached the location the place was crowded. People were not wearing masks. We didn’t even get out of the car there and decided to go back home. On the way back home, we thought anyways we got ready, so why don’t we give a visit to the nearby bridge.

When we reached there the parking was almost full. The weather was nice and we went up to the bridge. As this is summer people were in the water, and not many people were on the bridge. So we had a nice walk on the bridge and took some pictures. It was very relaxing.

I love trees. So when I saw this wide beautiful tree I had to take some pictures.

Had to capture this beautiful tree.I love trees.

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Movie time

I watched two nice movies, Black Widow and Jungle Cruise. I used to watch TV shows like crazy. But now my husband updates me on the latest movies and TV shows. He is always interested in movies and TV shows. When he knows a good one he always asks me if I want to join him.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Thinking about happy moments makes us feel happy again. Stay happy and be positive.

What is your happy moment from the past month?

8-hours sleep and Me-Time

One month ago I challenged myself to find an 8 hours sleep schedule that works for me. Today I am here to say I did it. I found a good sleep schedule for me that is from 12 am to 8 am. This schedule works well for me now.

Read about my challenge here

Featured image is from pexel.

Sleep schedule

Making myself sleep early was hard. But my willingness to make some β€œme time” made me do it.

Schedule is important!

I feel, if I become very strict with the schedule it will fall back to the no schedule sleep again. So I allow myself (+ or -) 15 minutes or even more if needed on some days.

Being a mom, my schedule always depends on my baby’s schedule. My son sometimes sleeps a little late. Some other days he will wake up very very early and stay up for one or two hours wanting to play! So I adjust my schedule on those days accordingly.

Me Time

Some β€œme time” was really needed for me to continue my artwork. Finding a good sleep schedule really helped me in this. Also, I gave up my afternoon nap!

Sketching after 2 years!

My son takes a nap for about one to one and half hours in the afternoon. I too used to sleep at this time. I gave up this for the past month (except for one or two days). I made use of this time to work on my pending art videos and finally uploaded them to YouTube after two years!

Drawing practice – flowers and leaves

It feels so good to draw again after 2 years. I don’t get much time but I would like to draw and paint in the coming days. You can have a look at my art on Instagram or my other blog.

What would you like to do in your me-time? Comment below!

Time with nature

Do you get bored often? Do you feel stressed ? Nature has the best solution for you.

Do not think fancy when I say nature. I am not talking about the beautiful vacation places and take time out of regular work and all. I am talking about getting outdoors even if its just to the balcony. What ever is there outside that is not man-made is nature. Try to notice all the things that nature offers us and enjoy . Flowers and trees are my favorite.

Evening walk

I used to stand there in our balcony in the evening with my son watching birds , butterflies and squirrels. And also cars and plane! Now a days it’s still very hot and sunny around 6pm here. So I don’t go to the balcony. I changed it to a walk late in the evening when the weather cools down a bit. My son really enjoys it a lot. He loves to go around the trees with his shoes on. He did not start walking without support yet. Once he does, I am sure he will be running all around and I must run behind him. Can’t wait !!

View from balcony

I love flowers and trees. I also like taking pictures of them ( also a lot of pictures of me! And our son’s too !! ) My phone memory is almost full.

Round and round

Flowers bring smile on my face. I love looking at all the wild flowers on the way while walking and some other flowers on our community. There are some flowering trees too in our community .

Wild flower
Flowering tree
Look at the clouds 😍

A lot of birds too fly around during this time and my son gets so excited every time he sees birds. He says pachheeee….(actually ‘Pakshi’ that means bird)! Pachheeee…! Chii chii chee ( sound of birds chirping ), pointing at them. It makes me so happy .

Lot of birds !!

Some times we get to see some cats roaming around and people walking their dogs. He loves to see them too. He addresses the dogs as bowow, even cats and squirrels or any other animals too.πŸ˜„

Water play in the river

Some weekends we go out to the river near by and play in water . Even though weather is hot , river water is very cold. But we get in there for a while.

Water play in the river

Relaxing in nearby park

Family time in park is always fun. There will be lot of trees around and the sound of birds. We take some toys and food for our son with us when ever we go.

Being outdoors with nature is always a joy. During this pandemic it is difficult to be home all the time and not safe to go out too. Be sure to avoid crowded places and maintain social distancing. Wear a mask too even though you are vaccinated. Stay safe!

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

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